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PowerTickerThe stock market on your desktop.

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PowerTicker is a desktop application for Windows and Macintosh that automatically queries financial websites around the world and reformats the information it receives as an animated stock ticker and a collection of concise reports.

Customizing PowerTicker

In addition to our retail product, Galleon Software now offers PowerTicker Solutions, a new service that allows corporate customers to commission and distribute customized versions of PowerTicker.


YOUR NAME HERE (Customized Ticker)

If you’re looking to enhance the services you offer through your financial portal or online brokerage or if your company or organization is looking for a unique promotional tool, then PowerTicker could be just what you need to:
:: Re-enforce your brand
:: Integrate with your current system
:: Drive traffic to your website
:: Promote your new products and services
:: Increase customer loyalty

This page includes snapshots of a typical PowerTicker project and demonstrates some of the components of PowerTicker you might customize for your own installation. To learn about all the features of PowerTicker, visit our retail site.


The ticker
Add the stocks and mutual funds you want your customers to see. Add your company’s logo to the animated stock ticker and imagine it running all day at the top of each customer’s desktop. You can even tick your logo alongside your stock’s symbol:


customize ticker symbol

Customized About screenAbout PowerTicker
This screen appears every day when the application first launches. Add your corporate identity and the latest message you want to push to your customers.


Report window
This is where your customers manage their portfolios, call up detailed stock reports, and follow the many convenient links back to the latest information from the Internet. Add your logo to the backdrop and direct all this traffic back to your website.
Customized report window
Company menu

Company menu
Add a customized company menu to the Windows menu bar and automatically direct your customers to specific pages on your website.

Even more customization
Beyond the features described above, you can add any of the following functionality to your PowerTicker installation, or commission Galleon Software to develop the unique features your company needs.
:: Automatically install your company’s logo on the Windows desktop and in the task bar’s clock tray.
:: Add a news ticker to scroll the latest information directly from your company and other major news sources.
:: Distribute custom PowerTicker CDs to your shareholders, your privileged customers, or bundle it with your annual report.
:: Configure PowerTicker to launch when the computer starts and your customers start their day.
:: Scroll advertisements in the ticker or display them in the main report window.
:: Link PowerTicker directly to your company’s trading system for quicker and easier transactions.
:: Integrate PowerTicker with your private data feeds for real-time quotes.

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