Roy Schulze
Other Activities


Trading CardRoy Schulze (the “e” is usually silent) was born in Montréal well before expo67 and—after a short detour to New Jersey—arrived in Toronto in the early ’70s.

His academic career began in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto and ended up several years later with an eclectic degree in Computer Science, Geography, and Cinema Studies.

Likewise, he began his professional career as a COBOL programmer with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Ontario and—after a brief stint as a failed novelist—ended up writing sometimes fanciful stories about other people’s programs . . . first at Northern Telecom, later as a freelancer, and eventually at SoftArc Inc.

Roy was hired in the summer of 1994 as SoftArc’s first technical writer, and from that built a department responsible for writing the company’s award-winning user manuals, designing the product and marketing materials, and defining the corporate look.

In the fall of 1996, he left to join Galleon Software as a full partner and to help them get their first product—eMerge—to market. To date, aside from writing the code and balancing the books, there’s little at Galleon that Roy hasn’t been pushed into doing.

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