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PowerTickerThe stock market on your desktop.

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PowerTicker brings brings you all the features you need for quick and easy access to financial news and information from sources around the world.

:: Manage and automatically calculate the current value of your portfolio.
:: Send email alerts to any computer, mobile phone, or wireless device.
:: Surf safely through firewalls and proxy servers, at work or at home.
:: Run PowerTicker on both Macintosh and Windows computers.
:: Get the story behind your stock’s rise or dive from news headlines.
:: View all of your stocks, funds, indexes, and currencies from within one summary window.
:: Track currency exchange rates and convert the value of your international holdings.
:: Create and customize multiple tickers, and an unlimited number of portfolios.
:: Set sound alerts to keep you informed.
:: And a whole lot MORE!

Portfolio management
PowerTicker does more than just display stocks on a ticker. With the portfolio manager, you can keep tabs on the current value of all your investments. In one convenient view, you’ll see how much your portfolio gains or loses over time.

Building a new portfolio is as easy as drag-and-drop. Keep one portfolio for all of your stocks and organize them according to the categories that best fit your investments. Or create a separate portfolio for your mutual funds, even experimental portfolios to test the water without risking your money.

Portfolio with user-defined categories

Transaction ledger
Record every purchase, sale, or split with PowerTicker’s built-in ledger. PowerTicker keeps track of the number of shares, the price you paid, and the fees you were charged. All this information is saved with your portfolio as part of your historical record.

Transaction ledger

International securities
PowerTicker gives you access to all major international exchanges and stock indexes. If you can’t find your favorite stock through PowerTicker, click to send us a message, and we’ll work it into the next release.

Simple searches
If you’re unsure of the symbol for the stock you want to track, PowerTicker’s lookup function can quickly search through extensive databases of company names, indexes, and funds.

Looking for Mattel

Customizable tickers
PowerTicker supports up to sixteen scrolling tickers. You choose what stocks you want to see in each and how much information you want to display. Put your tickers anywhere you want on your screen, behind the scenes or floating over your applications. Make them as large or as small as you want. Choose your fonts. Choose your colours.

Large ticker with your choice of font

Medium ticker with your choice of information

Or keep things simple with a single stock summary that tabulates the value of every security you’re currently tracking in a clear, concise report.


The stock summary

A ticker in your Control Strip
The Macintosh version of PowerTicker includes a module that allows you to display your main ticker in Apple’s Control Strip or within any other utility that supports Control Strip modules, such as PowerOn Software’s Action GoMac.

PowerTicker in the Control Strip


Stock-specific news
Get the story behind your stock’s rise or fall from the news headlines for every stock in your portfolio, plus a quick link to the full story on the Web.

Quick access to the Web
PowerTicker works with your browser to bring you more information when you need it. Click on the links for access to historical data and graphs. Investigate the unique content on the financial websites we track. Or configure PowerTicker to jump to your favorite trading site at the click of a button.

Ebay news

Currency exchange
PowerTicker tracks international currencies to bring you the latest exchange rates. Your international holdings are automatically converted and displayed in your portfolio in your currency of choice.

Privacy and security
With PowerTicker, your portfolio is your business. Keep your data safe with password protection, where you want it, on your computer. Web-based services leave you vulnerable to prying eyes. Why take a chance with your money? PowerTicker keeps you secure.

Your choice of currency

At work or home
PowerTicker lets you surf safely through firewalls and proxy servers, at work and at home.


Customizable alerts
Avoid a meltdown or seize a great buying opportunity with PowerTicker’s customizable alerts. Set your price parameters, then choose PowerTicker to set off alarms or send you e-mail, even to your phone or wireless device!

With PowerTicker, you can set global alerts to watch for price fluctuations anywhere in your portfolio, or you can set specific buy and sell triggers for individual stocks. And when you want to trade, go to your favorite trading site with a single click!

An e-mail alert

Macintosh users can use AppleScript to automatically import PowerTicker data into other applications and documents.


Free demo
The demo version of PowerTicker lets you try out all the features of the full version, until you are ready to buy.


First class technical support
Galleon Software offers regular updates and free technical support to all of it’s registered customers.