Monthly Archives: December 1998

MacTicker brings the stock market to your desktop

Marc LaFoy is one of those Macintosh enthusiasts with just the right combination of loyalty and luck that had him buying Apple stock last year when it was languishing around $15.00 a share . . . just before starting its seven-month climb to a high of $43.75.

As it turned out, however, there were then no Macintosh applications for gathering stock quotes from the Internet. “I wish I could’ve watched all the excitement right on my desktop,” says Marc. “But I had to settle with looking up AAPL every day on a website and reloading the page whenever my curiosity got the better of me.”

These last few weeks, however, Marc has been heavily involved in the final testing of MacTicker, a simple Macintosh application from Galleon Software that lets you easily browse  stock market information from financial websites around the world. You can watch any number of your stocks roll by on an animated stock ticker, or call up a detailed report for each of your favorites.

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