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What’s in a blog?

Over the years, I’ve built a bunch of websites for a variety of clients. I’m a one-man shop, so my clients are usually small companies with modest needs and small budgets; and so a good part of my job has always been keeping the cost of the project down and getting the client to focus on what they really need from their website.

More often than not, however, what the client comes to me wanting is what everyone else has installed on their site, an unwieldy laundry list of new-fangled gizmos and buzzwords that only gets longer with every passing year. They read about people with thousands of followers and figure a complete suite of sharing tools will bring these people to their door. They’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization and wonder why their new site doesn’t always appear on the top of their Google search results.

But the one thing that never fails to roll my eyes is The Blog.

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