A berry buried

Way back in Aught One, long before GoDaddy made it dead easy to register an Internet domain, before YouTube and Flickr and Facebook, and an eternity before the Cloud, I somehow got it into my head that what I really needed to make my online life complete was a personal website to show off all my awesome stuff, and maybe even have a little bit of fun entirely separate from the supposedly more serious work I was doing for Galleon Software.

Understand, the Internet was a whole lot more complicated back then and a lot more expensive, and so I hit up a friend who was way smarter than me and who, as an extra bonus, was willing to give me some free space on a server he ran from, as he put it, “a closet he rented downtown.”

With all that in place, my brand new domain—thbthttt.com—was registered on November 5, 2001, and its very first homepage was launched on February 12, 2002. And there it has sat, a single page, entirely perfect and unchanged, for the next twelve years—a lifetime on the Internet—while I, like the proverbial barefooted cobbler, spent my time working on making other people’s websites awesome instead.

And so, thbthttt.com essentially became a place for me to test those sites and swap some files, it let me share photos and videos, it even gave me a place to upload that old lo-res portfolio I pulled together over a few days for the last nine-to-five job I ever applied for (Spoiler Alert: I didn’t get it.) In short, for some time now, there’s been a whole lot of history buried behind that twelve-year-old berry, and I thought it high time I start making things a little more accessible and maybe even update the old portfolio.

See, over the last twelve years, ever so gradually, thbthtttt has become the online version of me—my brand, I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing—and finally, after all this time, I figure I might as well start having some fun with it.