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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


eMerge is a stand-alone Macintosh application that lets you create an e-mail form letter, customize it automatically for everyone on your mailing list, and send it directly to their Internet mail servers. You can use eMerge to build a list of names, addresses, and other variables; or import everything from your existing database.

This is a way cool diagram that shows how e-mail merge works.

eMerge brings a sophistication and legitimacy too long missing from the general bulk e-mail market. Just look at these features:
Simple interface: An eMerge “campaign” consists of three simple parts in a single window: the message header, the form letter, and the mailing list.    

Built-in text editor: You can compose your form letter within eMerge and insert variables anywhere in the letter or the message header. The text editor supports drag-and-drop editing within the application and between applications.    

International character support: eMerge supports all the Macintosh characters included in the ISO-8859-1 standard and correctly transfers messages in most every European language that includes accented characters.    

Standard variables: eMerge maintains a list of standard variables which it generates internally or retrieves from the message header.
- the date and time the message was sent
- the number of the message within the campaign
- the total number of messages in the campaign
- the subject of the message
- the recipient’s e-mail address

Name parsing: eMerge analyzes the name of each recipient and breaks the name into it’s components. You can then use any of these components within your form letter.
- title (Mr., Mrs., and so on)
- middle initial
- first name
- last name
And, if you don’t like the way eMerge parses the full name, you can force it to parse it your way.

Custom variables: In addition to the standard variables, you can define up to ten of your own variables. These can contain a single word, a single paragraph, or an entire letter. They can also include references to other variables you’ve defined. The values for these variables can be different for each of your recipients. You can enter these variables manually or import them from a database.    

Message preview: You can preview your merged messages before sending them. The preview shows the value for each variable in its correct place in the form letter and indicates which variables have no values.    

Unlimited file attachments: You can attach any number of files to the messages you send, although eMerge does warn you before sending particularly large attachments. What’s more, in eMerge 1.6, if you’ve installed the StuffIt Engine on your computer, you can configure eMerge to automatically compress attachments before sending them. All attachments are MIME encoded.  

New in 1.6

Built-in mailing engine: You do not need another e-mail client to send your messages; eMerge connects directly to the Internet and automatically initiates up to 24 simultaneous connections that let you send messages much faster than any other Macintosh e-mail application. eMerge supports modem or direct network connections.    

Guaranteed delivery: eMerge connects directly to each recipient’s mail server. This can tell you right away if the address is valid, if the user exists on that server, or if the server is active. The message is delivered immediately. Alternatively, you can send your messages through your company’s firewall by using your own mail server.    

Custom DNR: eMerge employs its own Domain Name Resolver to look up domain names and translate them into Internet addresses. This bypasses a nasty bit of system software that is particularly prone to problems and increases the speed of message delivery.    

Crash protection: eMerge saves the status of each message whenever that status changes. This ensures that, in the event of a crash or a power failure, you will always know which messages been sent and which have not.    

Built-in data base: You do not need to use another data base application to generate, process, and sort your mailing lists.    

Duplicate removal: eMerge allows you to quickly identify and delete duplicate recipients on your mailing lists. eMerge also automatically protects you from sending the same message twice to the same person.    

Data base import and export: You can import and export eMerge mailing lists from any common database format. Now, with eMerge 1.6, you can easily specify which information to import into each variable and define the order in which your variables are exported.  

New in 1.6

Address book import: You can import your current e-mail address book into your eMerge campaigns. eMerge recognizes the address books from these popular e-mail applications:
- Claris Emailer
- Eudora
- LetterRip
- Netscape
- Outlook Express
- CTM PowerMail

New in 1.6

Address dredging: If your contact information is not organized in a database, you can use the dredging function to read through any file on your computer—or a whole folder full of files—searching for Internet addresses and adding them to your mailing list. eMerge can also process each address it finds to create a full name for each recipient.    

Drag-and-drop addressing: You can drag any text into the address window, and eMerge will enter any addresses and variables it finds. You can even drag and drop addresses from e-mail messages, if your client supports this.  

New in 1.6

Address exclusion: You can exclude a list of addresses from the current mailing list. Recipients marked as excluded do not receive a message. You may choose to delete these recipients from the mailing list, or reset their status after you send the campaign.    

Variable crunching: eMerge offers a series of functions that let you process variables in bulk for any number of the recipients on your mailing list. You can clear a variable, you can set a variable to a specified value or add characters to the beginning or end of the current value, you can move or swap values from one variable to another, or you can generate unique serial numbers for everyone on your mailing list.  

New in 1.6

Free technical support and product upgrades: As a registered purchaser of eMerge, you are entitled to free technical support and free upgrades to the current version of the application. We will also inform you of new versions of the application as they are released.