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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


Purchase eMerge


You can purchase eMerge right now, online, from Kagi, our online reseller. If you’ve already downloaded the latest version of the eMerge archive, all you need is a serial number to unlock its full power. You do not need to download the archive again.

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As soon as your credit card is approved, Kagi will send you an eMerge serial number by e-mail. Order now.

eMerge has a new home!
Galleon Software recently sold eMerge to Thbthttt, a new company founded by Roy Schulze, one of the original members of Galleon Software.

Thbhthttt began selling eMerge in August and will continue to honor all commitments Galleon Software has made to its eMerge customers. But don't be surprised if you keep seeing Galleon working in the background until the transition is complete.

If you have any questions, click to send us a message.


We sell all of our products through Kagi, an online reseller that’s been doing this stuff since 1994. Their secure servers accept more credit cards than we’ve ever seen, plus they accept purchase orders, checks, money orders, and even some good old-fashioned cash.

All of the prices on this page are in American dollars, but Kagi will probably be able to convert things into your favorite currency.