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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.

eMerge in the real world

eMerge was developed for a small software company who needed a product that could create and deliver a large number of personal upgrade messages to their customers. They needed each e-mail message to include the customer’s serial number and their postal address.

From that point forward, Galleon Software’s goal was to introduce the sophistication and legitimacy too long missing from the general bulk e-mail market, to give people a tool that would help them do serious business on the Internet.

. . . but that was just the beginning

Now, all sorts of people are using eMerge to communicate with their customers, their clients, their patients, their contacts, their students, their friends. And eMerge is making that job easier.

So, if you need to send a lot of e-mail to a large number of people on a regular basis, then eMerge is the simplest, most powerful application you’ll find for the Macintosh.

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