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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


Spam goes straight
eMerge 1.1 brings sophistication and legitimacy to bulk e-mail

TORONTO. August 5, 1997. With the controversy surrounding unsolicited email, it’s no wonder that most business people who use the Internet are frightened of being branded as spammers. This concerns the folks at Galleon Software, the developers of eMerge, the first professional bulk e-mail application for the Macintosh.

“We’ve been online too long to pay much attention to the anti-spam rhetoric,” says their president, Colin Biggin. “But we are worried how it is affecting our market.”

eMerge was developed for a small software company who needed a product that could create and deliver a large number of personal e-mail messages to their customers. They needed each message to include the customer’s serial number and their postal address.

“When we were first approached to develop eMerge,” says Biggin, “there wasn’t a Macintosh application that could do this, and most of the similar Windows applications appeared to be aimed exclusively at the junk mail market. They boasted about the number of raw e-mail addresses you could copy from Internet newsgroups, and they certainly didn’t allow you to customize your message for each person on your mailing list.”

From that point forward, Galleon Software’s goal was to introduce the sophistication and a legitimacy that was missing from the general bulk e-mail market, to give people a tool that would help them do serious business on the Internet.

They released eMerge 1.0 earlier this year and have spent the last four months talking to their customers. “The majority of these people,” says Biggin, “are using eMerge to communicate with their customers, their contacts, their students, their friends. They are certainly not spammers. They were already sending out a lot of e-mail, and eMerge is making that job easier.”

The release of eMerge 1.1 also solves a number of problems that these early adopters were having. You’ll find a few new features that help with the management of mailing lists, but mostly you’ll notice the improved speed.

“eMerge’s mailing engine can now open as many as two dozen simultaneous connections to the Internet” says Scott Appleton, Galleon’s Internet protocol specialist, “You don’t have to depend on another piece of software to deliver your messages. eMerge also guarantees delivery by connecting directly to each recipient’s mail server; I don’t know of another bulk mailer that does that.”


Nor are you likely to find another bulk mailer that also lets you customize your message automatically for everyone on your mailing list. eMerge also has built-in tools to create lists of names, e-mail addresses, and other variables; or you can import all the information you need from your current database. You can purchase eMerge 1.1 right now from Galleon Software’s website for $175.00 US, or you can download a demo version with full documentation.

Galleon Software is a Canadian developer of desktop communications software for small, specialized markets. eMerge is a trademark of Galleon Software.

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Since this press release, we have reduced the price of eMerge to $99.00.

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