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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


Customerize your e-mail with eMerge 1.6
Improved e-mailer moves beyond impersonal list servers and distribution lists

TORONTO. August 17, 1999. You’ve got to work hard these days to find your customers, and you’ve got to work even harder to hold onto them. Especially now with your competition just a click away on the Internet. Sure, you’ve got your website broadcasting to anyone who wanders into range, and you probably send the odd announcement out to everyone on your mailing list, but what are you doing about the personal service that gives everyone exactly what they need and keeps your customers coming back?

eMerge lets you move beyond cumbersome distribution lists and impersonal list servers by combining the power of bulk e-mail with the sophistication of e-mail merge. Product announcements. Passwords. Invoices. eMerge sends its messages directly to each customer, one at a time, personally and privately.


And with eMerge 1.6, Galleon Software has made the transition to “customerized” e-mail easier than ever with an improved import function that allows you to use the mailing lists from every major Macintosh e-mail client and list server. In fact, now it’s dead easy to import just about any data file into eMerge, change the order of your fields, and even assign new form-letter variables on the fly.

eMerge 1.6 also introduces drag-and-drop addressing that lets you drag any addresses you find right into your eMerge mailing list, from a regular text file or directly from an e-mail message header, if your client supports it. All this allows eMerge to handle a single form letter as easily as it sends off a general announcement. Keep a collection of letters on file for a quick and personal response to all of your customers’ common questions. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s probably the only way you’ll ever stay on top of all that e-mail you’re getting.

And so you don’t clog up your customers’ mailboxes, eMerge 1.6 now works with Aladdin System’s StuffIt Engine to automatically compress message attachments before sending them out.

To make the customization of your message even easier, eMerge 1.6 also includes a collection of new variable crunching functions that allow you to move values around in a customer’s record, define and modify specific fields, or even generate unique serial numbers for everyone you specify.

You can purchase eMerge right now from Galleon Software’s website for $99.00 US:


Or you can download a demo version from:


Everything works as it does with the eMerge you buy and comes with complete documentation and a collection of sample campaigns to get you started right away.

And even if your customers think that it might be a form letter after all, they’ll still be thrilled to hear from you. It shows that you care about their business, and it shows your competitors that you’re serious about doing business on the Internet. Just don’t tell them how you do it!

Galleon Software is a developer of desktop communications applications including eMerge, Data Dredger, and MacTicker. eMerge and Data Dredger are trademarks of Galleon Software. StuffIt is a trademark of Aladdin Systems, Inc.

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