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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


eMerge 1.1 now $99
Low-priced e-mail merge for the Macintosh aimed at small, online businesses

TORONTO. February 10, 1998. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have direct access to your Internet server. If someone visits your website and signs your guestbook, your server sends you an e-mail message. If someone downloads a file, the server sends you an e-mail message. If someone requests more information, the server sends you an e-mail message.

And you’re left with a big pile of e-mail and a whole crowd of people waiting to hear from you.
- eMerge reads through all those messages for you and builds a mailing list of names and addresses.
- eMerge customizes an e-mail form letter for everyone on your list.
- eMerge sends your messages directly to each recipient’s mail server faster and more reliably than any other product available for the Macintosh.
Even if your contact list contains only a few dozen people right now, at the new low price of $99.00, eMerge will quickly pay for itself in the time and the hassle you save. And as your list grows, the eMerge mailing engine is powerful enough to handle thousands of messages just as well. The only restrictions you’ll ever encounter are the memory in your computer and the speed of your Internet connection.

Hotline Communications uses eMerge to follow up with the people who register on their website and download their software. “Until we found eMerge,” says Jason Roks, Hotline’s manager of business development, “we had a pile of potential customers and no way to get in touch with them. We didn’t even know who they were, because no one here had the time to go through all the messages we’d received.”

Hotline used eMerge to read through a hard disk full of e-mail. “We had a list of 150,000 names in four hours,” says Roks. “eMerge saved us thousands of dollars in data entry alone!”

eMerge has built-in tools to create lists of names, e-mail addresses, and other variables; or you can import all the information you need from your current database. You can purchase eMerge 1.1 right now from Galleon Software’s website, or you can download a demo version with full documentation from:


Galleon Software is a Canadian developer of desktop communications software for small, specialized markets. eMerge is a trademark of Galleon Software.

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