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eMergeCustomerize your e-mail.


Galleon Software releases eMerge 1.5
New version features file attachments, international character support, improved mail engine, address book import from popular e-mail readers, and improved duplicate processing.

TORONTO. April 14, 1998. If you’ve ever looked at the full headers of an e-mail message, you’ll have seen the circuitous route it travelled before arriving in your mailbox. Normally everything works just fine, but with every hop along the way you increase the risk of delays or even the rejection of especially large attachments.

eMerge has always included its own e-mail engine designed to connect directly to the mail server of everyone on your mailing list. But with eMerge 1.5, Galleon Software has introduced the ability to include attachments, and the guarantee that your file will get where it’s going.

Erik Barzeski is the editor of Apple Wizards, a popular Macintosh monthly he delivers by e-mail. “I was using eMerge to send out personalized messages to our subscription list, but when it came time to send out our e-zine, I was slowed down by Claris Emailer. It took so long to address the messages and deliver them one at a time.”

Now, eMerge 1.5 makes sending attachments quick and easy. eMerge can open as many as two dozen simultaneous connections to the Internet, so your message gets out fast. eMerge also has built-in tools to help you quickly create lists of names, e-mail addresses, and other variables; or you can import all the information you need from your current database. What’s more, eMerge 1.5 can also read address books from the following Macintosh e-mail applications: Claris Emailer, CTM PowerMail, Eudora, Netscape Communicator, Netscape Navigator, and Outlook Express.

Vince Menanno is one of the principals of Waves in Motion. He uses eMerge 1.5 to send out updates to his company’s FileMaker solutions. “What we like the most about eMerge is its ability to remove duplicates from our mailing lists. Our database has an entry for everyone who has, at any time, downloaded our software. Over time, this database always ends up with duplicate information. With eMerge, I just don’t even worry about it.”

This is the sort of confidence you need, especially with large mailing lists. Jeff Gold, for instance, is the President and CEO of FM.Net and is responsible for managing the Internet chat rooms for over 2,000 radio stations in North America. “We’ve found that eMerge is the best way for us to quickly send custom, merged e-mail containing all the latest news and information applicable to each of our client stations.” And as if that’s not enough, FM.Net will soon be using eMerge to send their biweekly newsletter, Go Chat!, to the more than 400,000 people around the world who have registered on their Z.Com chat network.

The added support for international character sets in eMerge 1.5 is certainly popular among Galleon Software’s overseas customers, but is especially popular right here at home with French Canadian businesses and Galleon’s government contacts. “eMerge is the secret weapon I use for our political and government clients,” says William Stratas of Planetcast Presentations, Inc. “E-mail list management is a huge area of opportunity for people who recognize the benefits of fast and reliable broadcast of time-critical information.”

But even people with smaller mailing lists can save time and money. “eMerge has helped our news distribution tremendously,” says Graham Murray, a consultant with the state government in California. “We recently asked each person on our 3,000 person mailing list if they wanted to receive updates by e-mail instead of U.S. Mail. Nearly 300 said yes! That’s 300 fewer pieces of regular mail we have to deal with and pay for!”

You can purchase eMerge 1.5 right now from Galleon Software’s website for $99.00 US:


Or you can download a demo version with full documentation from:


Galleon Software is a Canadian developer of desktop communications software for small, specialized markets. eMerge is a trademark of Galleon Software.

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